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Obviously the Bretsa core mission is to provide great nursery and support staff to our client nurseries and schools across the south east. However one of our side projects has always been ensuring our impact on the environment as a business is kept to the bare minimum. Over the years we've done various things to "do our bit". For example, none of us has a company car. We use public transport for 90% of our work transport, and for the remining bit we use a Streetcar account. 2 years ago we started carbon off-setting the entire companies' activities - from our transport to our office running costs. We've always used recycled products in the office - from our marketing gifts like our pens right through to even the Bretsa polo shirts we wear at exhibitions. Our latest move is a more visible and obvious one. We've only ever used recycled paper, envelopes and business cards. This year we've started using NON-BLEACHED recycled paper. It's a little known fact but the bleaching process that makes paper white is just as damaging to the environment as chooping down trees. So now our day to day and marketing paper is the natural colour of paper - slightly off white greyish brown. Admittedly it looks a bit wierd at first but I have to say it's quite endearing when you get used to it. We'd love to hear any new ideas you or your organisation have implemented - drop us a line on 020 8858 5958 or email them to your consultant.

Posted by: Bretsa on November 27th, 2011 @ 2:39 PM


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