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Temporary nursery cover

We understand that when our clients call for emergency cover you need to know what's happening, and quickly.

Our team work with a 15 minute call back promise for ASAP shifts. So you're not hanging on - if we can help we'll help but if we can't we'll let you know so you can make alternative arrangements.

And that's on top of our online service, which allows you to jump the queue and request staff overnight. You can request staff for as soon as the following morning, or if you have a preferred member of staff you've worked with previously you can ask for them specifically.

The cover person you get will have been through a real face-to-face interview and thorough vetting, but we can't work day to day with our nursery team, so your feedback is vital to ensure we keep delivering an excellent service.

Permanent recruitment
Finding nursery staff in the current market is hard. Using a nursery recruitment company like Bretsa should be part of a multi-pronged recruitment strategy. But there are ways to increase your chances of success.

When you contact us, be realistic about your requirements and your pay rates. We don't have stacks of people waiting to work as level 3s for minimum wage! Help us to help you - your job will be one of many on the books and our candidates come to us so they can choose from the best possible roles.

If we send you CVs, act quickly. A candidate that is registering with us is looking for a position now, and is likely to be accepting interviews from multiple sources - possibly including other nurseries in your area.

Perfect Fit Guarantee
If you're not satisfied with someone we'll record the reasons, feed back to the team member and ensure you're not charged for that shift. And it's why if you take a person from us on permanently and they leave you within 12 weeks, we'll rebate a proportion of the fee – guaranteed (terms apply).

Flexible payments and invoicing
We believe that things should work in the easiest way for you. At the end of temporary assignments our workers need their hours confirming, but that doesn't just mean timesheet signing – if you prefer you can just email us the hours.


We know running nurseries isn't easy - and we're here to make that job easier.

Call us today to find out more on 020 8858 5958

15 minute callback guarantee

We work hard very day to make it that way. It's why we promise  you'll get a 15 minute call back for ASAP requests.

Looking for staff

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