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Permanent nursery recruitment services
We take the hassle out of finding permanent staff, whether that's a single practitioner or a whole team for a new room. We'll source candidates from our extensive database and recruitment advertising partners, then pre-screen them to create a short-list matched to your role ready for your interview and your internal safer recruitment procedures.

Temporary nursery staff cover
We have hundreds of temporary nursery practitioners, cooks and teachers working settings just like yours every single day. From private day nurseries and child minders right through to children's centres and schools, our cover staff can help out for last minute sickness cover, short shift créche cover, or long term absence covering months and terms.

A safer recruitment process
We screen literally thousands of temporary candidates each year - only a small percentage get through our face-to-face skills-based interview and numerous background checks.

That's why we're so proud of our carefully selected nursery team.

Systems with safeguarding built in
Our booking system is built especially for us. It reference checks our candidates, it ensures our nursery nurses and assistants always have up to date DBS status and eligibility to work in the UK. It even reminds our workers when they need to do their mandatory safeguarding updates that we provide.

When you make a booking you'll receive an e-Profile with a picture, level of qualification, DBS information and status of other key documents. It's the perfect summary for your safeguarding records or your OFSTED inspection.


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"Perfect Fit"
Staff quality guarantee

We're confident in each person we send out so we guarantee them. If you're not satisfied with someone we'll ensure you're not charged for that.

Our Approach