Interview: The Bretsa internship experience

The Bretsa team has recently said goodbye to 2 German interns who over a few weeks made a big impression on us through their enthusiasm and hard workAs their period with us drew to a close, we decided to ask Celine about her experience working at Bretsa and living in London. 

She had been training as an industrial clerk in Germany when she had the opportunity to spend some time in the UK as part of the Erasmus programme. “I got the opportunity to live and work in London, and that’s when Bretsa offered me a practical placement,” she explained. 

For any job, hundreds of miles across land and sea is quite the commute. But Celine insists it was worth it. “I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of different experiences. I’ve worked directly with nurseries and temp staff, worked on marketing projects and even helped with an internal compliance audit.” 

Conducting audits may not sound particularly high-octane, but Safer Recruitment is core to what Bretsa is about. Our client nurseries and schools rely on our candidates and need that confidence. And from the intern’s perspective it was exactly the sort of practical work experience they were looking for when they sought us out. 

Their stay coincided with a fair bit of excitement for Bretsa, including a company bake-off to fundraise for breast cancer awareness. “I really liked the baking competition!” Celine told us. “and throughout the stay everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was just a really good working atmosphere.” 

“They were really great with suggestions for how to spend my free time in London as well, and I’m so happy to be staying in contact with everyone. On my last working day we ordered Nandos for the whole office, which was really kind.”  

Looking back, how would she rate her experience? “It was always fun to go to work, and I would highly recommend anybody to get a job with Bretsa.”  

If you’d like to hear more about how Bretsa has built Safer Recruitment in to every aspect of our systems, or you’d like to work with us please drop us a line on 020 8858 5958 or visit our website at 

Posted by: Bretsa on November 13th, 2019 @ 2:27 PM